November 13, 2011

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October 12, 2011

So this is the Inqnagir contest winning History of Haik in its original English version. However with photos of dear Anna Karmen, who was sort of around there as well.


Known people in the pub

Known person coming on the right. Look ahead, look ahead. I see only the road ahead, only the water. Came from melted snow. Wonder how deep it is, try. Not as deep as I thought. Look ahead, known person already behind. Wonderful. All by myself my name is wonderful.

Another walk along this street. Music is good, my eyebrows are straight and sleeping little is also good. “Blood, runs through everything colors all my pain my vanes are running out of blood”, good song. Woman in the movie cut her vane along the arm, does not work that way, she said too. What round buildings.

Walk more. Along this street then turn to right, along the other ones, look up to see billboard, interesting looks real, walk more, the pub is on the right. The puppet on the left, the puppet on the right. Today a lot of people there. I will talk to everybody.

– How are you?
– Good.
– The band will start in an hour, right?
– Yes.

Gone, she went turned around so fast and went, did I seem very sharp? Probably I speak too fast. Watch it watch it. What did she think of me. Go sit myself on the empty spot between the tables. She again, didn’t know she was sitting here.
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so out of control

my family on this film